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Amanda & Emerson

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I’m loving that the weather is slowly cooling off. My fingers are crossed that it continues until the mid 70’s then it can hang there for the next few months until maybe a few weeks before Christmas. At that time I’d like a perfect switch to winter complete with a white Christmas and everything. Then I’m cool going back to the 70’s until next camping season. So there you go Mother Nature. That’s my weather order. Is that too much to ask for Utah? My brother’s wedding will be outside in a few weekends so I’m hoping for the perfect day for him as well, but historically, not all of my wedding clients have lucked out. In fact, some wedding days came accompanied by a blizzard. The album you’re about to see was one of those days but I think it stands as proof that if you just roll with whatever Mother Nature sends, magic can still happen.

“Amanda & Emerson” was given a 2nd Place Southwest District Award and accepted into the 2019 IPC General Collection!

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