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This past weekend I had a hard drive scare that left me in tears multiple times. I should’ve trusted Jordan that everything was going to be fine, because of course in the end it was, but in the moment I just kept thinking about all the recent sessions of my kids I’ve done that I hadn’t backed up (or printed) yet and it was devastating, more than it should’ve been. It’s been on my To Do list to get my yearly family album printed but I’m 2 years behind now. My kids are changing SO fast so I just keep shooting them knowing that has to be my priority and that with time I’ll be able to get things designed/printed, but I’m not there yet, SO I need my hard drives to keep cooperating.

Anyway, before I had the hard drive hiccup, I shot THIS session and it filled me with joy. It made me realize THIS is where my heart lies right now. Between husbands and wives. And by that I mean I’m ready to shoot all my old clients again (and new ones too of course!), to celebrate the marriages that are still a work in progress, but just the same, a work and effort worth documenting.

I was there the day so many families began-as a two person team. Some of these couples now have a flock of kids. Most just a few. And some are still rocking life as a power couple. Some struggle with infertility. Others had kids before they wanted. And still others are happy to be exploring marriage before kids arrive… James and Jessie are one of these. It’s been 5 years for them! Jess recently admitted to me that they are ready to start “thinking” about kids, but before they do, she wanted to celebrate them as a couple first and I love that so much.
We decided we wanted to shoot where the recent Utah County fires had burnt (they live in Salem which was a closely affected community). I love how there’s still so much beauty amid the burn. I think that speaks to life’s hardships as well as marriage itself. Sometimes it burns but there’s always hope for healing and new life. There’s always beauty to celebrate even if it’s not your typical tulip garden in bloom. With that in mind, let’s talk about getting you in front of the camera again…

If the last time you had your photos taken of just you two was at your wedding, it’s time! Chances are you got married when you were still a baby so you’ve grown up a bit now. Maybe you are finally in your prime? Maybe way past that… But it doesn’t matter. YOU TWO are still YOU (the original two person version). Maybe it doesn’t feel like it some days. But a celebration blacktie session like this is a chance to remember what brought you together in the first place. Family pictures are great. But your kids will come and go. You two, however, are in it for the long haul. These sessions are a concrete reminder of that. (They also double as amazing wall art for your bedroom just sayin’)

So let that idea swirl around in your mind while you enjoy James and Jess’s session book spreads and how good 5 years looks on them.

(And before I forget, props to Janelle Ingram from Jess’s effortless beauty here though some of the credit is owed to her mama whom she looks just like in many of these shots!)

And then the lipstick was everywhere so all that was left to do was turn and walk away, pose for a silhouette and get pizza!

I hope you enjoyed that book and are starting to imagine what yours could look like. I realize we can’t all rock 6 foot and some odd inches the way these two did, but I promise you’ll look equally lovely just as you are with a new dress, some professional makeup (a must for any session, but especially these), and your best friend by your side. Maybe he’s missing a few hairs but you know you love him anyway. And maybe you have some extra curves…but I KNOW he loves you AND those regardless. So let’s do it! Let’s capture what you feel inside, deep down. I know the passion is still there even if it’s buried beneath bills and barf (see my post from earlier today) and bad days. We can capture it again. (Or if we’ve never met, let’s get together!) Bring your lover. Get dressed up for the evening and then while we’re shooting I give you full permission to take those clothes off in your mind because YOU ARE MARRIED and picturing your spouse naked makes the world go round. Blush if you must. But get comfortable in your own skin and celebrate the life you’re creating together. You two are so worth it!

p.s. IF you decide to shoot where the wild things are, let me leave you with some practical advice. Be careful you don’t touch your nose after playing with abandoned snail shells or else…

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