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B+H | Donut Falls and Storm Mountain Blacktie Session

Bobby & Holly001.jpg

I am happy to report that I finished my doll book…well I’ve ordered the first proof copy anyway. I’m going to have my mom read it to check for any errors, whether typographical or historical, and then I will order a PDF copy I can share with all of you online. So today isn’t the day you get to meet Carol the Doll. BUT today is the day you get to see Holly & Bobby’s gorgeous mountain blacktie session.

We shot these LAST night. How’s that for being on my game!? These two are getting married in July at the top of Snowbird Resort and I can’t wait to see it all come together. Snowbird was still on the muddy side, so we hoped a canyon over to Big Cottonwood to take these. I just can’t ever get over how beautiful Utah truly is.

Versa Artistry dolled Holly up and she was completely radiant. The stunning beadwork on her gown made navigating the mountain a bit tricky, but totally worth the effort! We owe a big thanks to our assistants for the evening who carried our stuff and climbed anywhere I asked to get the lighting just right. It was a group effort but one I’m happy to proclaim a success. I hope you’ll agree!

Bobby & Holly002.jpg
Bobby & Holly003.jpg
Bobby & Holly004.jpg
Bobby & Holly005.jpg
Bobby & Holly006.jpg
Bobby & Holly007.jpg
Bobby & Holly008.jpg
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Bobby & Holly022.jpg
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Bobby & Holly024.jpg
Bobby & Holly025.jpg
Bobby & Holly026.jpg
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Bobby & Holly030.jpg
Bobby & Holly031.jpg
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Bobby & Holly056.jpg

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