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ella at the library


As many of you know I make it a point to photograph my kids as if they were clients, including making sure I deliver a finished product. I don’t have the time or resources to make an entire book out of every session I do for them, but every now and then I’ll come home with a session where the stars aligned (meaning my kids were actually into the shoot and willing to let me direct them) and so these special moments get their own space in my picture library. It’s been a few years since I felt like I really captured Ella as she truly is. She’s has a very old, complex soul and it’s not something that can be easily photographed or even parented most days. But we’re working at it. She’s learning to understand who she is which I’m hopeful will then allow her the ability to communiate that to me so I can help her fulfill her dreams. She has a lot of those but is often held back from accomplishing them by fear and anxiety. It’s frustrating for her to live in our home some days. There’s a lot of people with needs and opinions. I can’t guarantee every plan will go off without fail or that no one will touch her things. I can’t always give her the space she desires. But what I can give her is my best effort, all my love AND books! Lots and lots of books. From the library of course. She wishes she could have her own collection here but there’s simply no room. Lucky for us the Salt Lake Library system is amazing and it turns out picturesque…even at their Glendale location. I figured the only real way to capture Ella was to put her in her element and so we did. She still didn’t love getting her picture taken, but once we got going she came out of her shell and embraced the opportunity. I don’t normally put a lot of text in my books and albums, but I felt like this was a special occasion. She picked all the quotes I included which served to give me a glimpse of where she goes when she reads. I am grateful she can escape from the weight of this world and let her hair loose from time to time. It does an Ella good.


The back cover rightly reads, “So many books, so little time.” Ella came home from the library Monday evening upset because she’s “read everything” there is. I assured her this world isn’t so small that she could’ve possibly ready every good book (though she does go through books like water). So if you have a favorite let me know and I’ll pass along your suggestions!