musings & recent work

green tomatoes and rotten apples


I’m back! Did you miss me? I missed me. And by that I mean I missed this space. This outlet. This grownup home that my kids can’t mess up or break into pieces. True, they often interrupt me while I’m writing a post. But once it’s published, their noise is silenced. All is peaceful and exactly how I want it to be. It’s not reality that’s for sure. And I’m okay with that. I love my life. I love my kids. I love the chaos I call home. But I also love my art, the voice I find when writing and photography combine here in this little space. It’s refreshing and sustaining to me. Yes, I was super upset when I found out my website and 10 years of blogging was gone. But looking back I can see it gave me a chance to detach, to realize that even though my website/blog mattered, they didn’t matter THE most. Did I lost a lot of SEO work? Yup. Will it be easy to access all my past sessions/weddings? Nope. But disasters happen all the time. People lose things like homes and livelihoods, stuff that can never be replaced. I lost a lot of thoughts and effort and work. But I’m still ALIVE. I can still write. I can still create. I can still work hard. AND…do you know what I got to spend the summer doing instead of worrying about work and blogging!? Taking pictures of my baby eating tomatoes. It was the best thing ever. She loves tomatoes like it’s nobody’s business and she’s willing to climb fences to get to them. Vivienne is a doer and I can appreciate that. So here’s to DOING, moving forward, starting again and enjoying the breaks life sometimes throws at you, even the rotten apples that fall from your trees. Ya. She ate a lot of those this summer too…


And then the apple…


This girl!? I kid you not. Today I tried to feed this baby a nice lunch. She ate some of it and then threw the rest on the floor so I assumed she was full. Not two minutes later she was in my office eating old fruit out of the garbage can. She is a scavenger and all I can do is accept her desire to pave her own way and then stand back and let her do her thing. But of course I’ve always been of the opinion dirt does us all a little good…