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Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Camille & Taylor’s Fairy Tale Wedding

“Let Me Call You Sweetheart” 1st place wedding image at IPPA 2018 print competition

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, one of my favorite holidays of the year. I thought to celebrate blog style, I would share with you an incredibly romantic wedding I photographed last year, the kind fairytales are made of. Camille wanted a Cinderella theme, but one done in such a way that you didn’t even question her status as an actual princess. Okay, now maybe that wasn’t her goal. I think her goal was for it to be done is such a way that it didn’t feel cheesy. But the end result was, she gave Meghan Markle a run for her money. Seriously.

When Camille showed up for her first look at their blacktie session I was blown away by every bridal detail, right down to her stunning tiara straight from England. I know I shared her Temple Square/Salt air engagement session early last year, so many of you are already away of the crazy chemistry she and Taylor have, but since that blog post was lost with all the others, I thought I would include images from her engagement session along with her blacktie & wedding day here to give you the complete picture of this momentous experience in their life.

Taylor proposed at Disney World (or many Disney Land…but for sure on Disney property) and Camille now works there while Taylor goes to Law School in Florida. Camille’s mother Alyse, who I worked closely with to get every detail just perfect, now lives in Germany. I’m way late to the party posting these images, but I love that the excitement continues for all involved with adventure and travel abounding for this crew!

Taylor & Camille were married in the Salt Lake Temple, my personal favorite castle around. They followed up their sealing with a luncheon in the Wasatch Room of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The purple and gold palette of that space can’t be beat. And then after a tiny midday break, we all headed to Lindon to celebrate at The Castle at Wadley Farms, yet again, another favorite venue. Years ago on my website I used to have my dream vendors listed if I were to ever marry again (to Jordan of course…) Long story short, Camille basically planned my dream wedding. And the fact that she served fancy French fries as part of her reception spread would’ve made it was Jordan’s dream wedding as well.

Last fall I entered the opening image of this post at the local print competition and it won me a shiny first place trophy in the wedding category. I’m planning to enter it at the upcoming regional and national competitions this year (or I may actually enter an entire album from this wedding) but either way, it’ll forever be a favorite. I titled it, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”.

I’m not sure what Taylor calls Camille as a term of endearment, but I’m sure he has one. For Jordan and I, it’s the generic “babe” but I’d know his voice anywhere so the word itself isn’t important. When he writes to me he calls me Eliza and written words of love are always at the top of my desired list. The writer in me just connects with that form of affection. So fingers crossed a valentine love letter is headed my way tomorrow.

Anyway, enough about me. How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved one? Getting engaged? Not original, but just like “babe” I bet you’ll take it and it’ll be magical and special and perfect all at the same time. And then the wedding planning will begin. It’s too bad Alyse has skipped the country because she nailed this wedding planning gig. Love, love every detail below, especially the smiles and kindness that this couple exude. I’m telling you. She really is a princess.

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