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My Forever Valentine’s

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I’m having a female day. And by that I mean I have absolutely no explanation for my current emotional state. Am I alone in this mystery? Do you ever feel like you’re just going through life, doing your thing and then you have these random moments/days/weeks of what the heck? That’s where I’m at. But Viv is in bed and the others at school so I have one hour to myself. I’m choosing to share it with you and Lauren (on spotify, on repeat). Who’s Lauren? Good question. I just met her today. And by met I mean I head her song, “You Say” for the first time and now I’m addicted. I’m probably going to download the sheet music and go learn it on the piano so I can then sing along and pretend I could be on the radio…

But before I do that, I wanted to share with you the family session I promised, featuring incredible photographs by Kris Doman (you hopefully met her in my last blog post that featured her twentieth anniversary session). I love these pictures and people with all my heart. I’ve been waiting to have all my kids here on earth so these images could exist. Now I admit, today I’m questioning the “all” status of that statement (emotions make you think crazy thoughts…like six kids) but I’m assuming once this whatever emotional day I’m having passes I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled life where five kids is a complete Frandsen family for us. So let’s go with that.

These are the spreads I designed for our 2018 album from our session with Kris. I’m also including some crappy iphone photography of my recent house update (at least the picture portion) because I thought you’d enjoy it! The display above my bed is probably my favorite. It features several different sessions Jordan and I have done in the past with different, but equally awesome, photographers including Camilla Binks, Mikki Platt, Kristen Thenlin, Kris Doman and our wedding photographer Steve Bair). I also have family images from Kris in my kitchen and office. (If you’re only hanging family pictures in your formal living room you’re missing out. Hang them where you spend your day. Trust me on that one!) For fun I also included my bathroom display (it’s never had pictures until now and I love that they’re all taken of people in that actual room) and a shot of the cereal pictures hung in the kitchen (though as you’ll see, we’re having issues with the paint so I’m still not checking “done” next to the kitchen display, but close enough for now).

Call me crazy, but there’s nothing I’d rather hang on my walls then these peeps, my forever valentine’s. I used to have client work all over my office, and while that had a time and a place, I’ve revamped the space to be more family friendly in many ways. I still love my clients, and their gorgeous images, but I decided I love my famliy more haha… SO I hope you enjoy a little taste of my every day, captured beautifully by so many, but Kris in particular!


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