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my golden child


I know you aren’t supposed to play favorites, but some days I just can’t help myself. This golden child is SO kind and thoughful and helful and she’s all of FOUR years old. I just can’t believe how many times she notices a mess and then cleans it up without being asked, even if she wasn’t the one who made the mess.

This photoshoot was supposed to belong to Vivie but she said a forceful NO. I ignored her no, but she’s determined in her opinions, so I lost the 1 year photoshoot battle. She’s crying and sporting a runny nose in ALL of them. So ya. I’m grateful to always have a backup daughter around to fulfill my photo fantasies even if they only give me a second or two to make it happen (resulting in ONE shot, but I love it!). I’m also grateful that Sienna share’s my taste in clothing and color combinations. I wanted this coat SO bad, but it was the only one in Target and a perfect size 4T so Sisi got a new coat! It made my day when I presented it to her and she immediately ripped it out of my hands and hugged it.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and of course I am very, very thankful for my family, my husband, and ALL of my kids. But somedays are just more golden than others.

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