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Today is the day. I made it facebook official. I made it website official. I deleted my instagramm account (because you know I never loved it to begin with) and now I’m making it blog official. Another day I hope to revisit this thought and give you the extended version of why I’m taking this break (because I do really hope to blog from my heart again), but for now, incase you haven’t read these words in the aforementinoed places, I present to you my official resignation letter haha…

“It’s time for me to say goodbye to professional photography, for a season anyway. My little people need me. All of me. Not just what’s left over after I’ve run my business for the day. They need the best I have to offer. And I need it too. I need a break. So whether or not sabbatical is the right word, I’m using it. I’m taking one. And even though it breaks my heart to make it official, this is me making it official.You can’t hire me right now. But it’s going to be okay (I say that more for myself than you). I love being a professional photographer and I hope one day I can claim that title again, but for now I declare myself a hobbyist. I’m going to learn to paint. I’m going to learn to play the guitar. I’m going to play dolls with my girls and watch Peirce do tricks on the trampoline. I’m going to read and write. I’m going to photograph anything I want, simply for the love. And I may blog about some of it but I’m committing to nothing. Right now I simply want to be more for the people who matter most. “

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