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viv and granite

viv and granite 8x10 desate.jpg

It’s AM in the morning. The exact time doesn’t matter because I’ve been up for a while. Got up to feed Viv. Discovered she’d puked so that’ll be fun later today. Remembered I’d started making two dozen rolls for a funeral later this week and they were in the over rising now for hours. Luckily my house is pretty cold so they weren’t over risen. Decided to stay up and bake those. While I waited for the oven to do its thing I started a client album design. Finally finished all that and jumped back into bed only to be there about 30 seconds before Jordan’s 3:30am alarm went off. He has to be to work by 4 today for some random early morning something. So I said goodbye to him and tried to get back to sleep. But here we are. At least we’ll both be tired tonight and can crash together. I know it gets harder and harder to sleep as you get older but I’m not really old yet. I do have a brain with no off switch however. I’m sure some of you out there can relate. SO why not blog?

I’m excited to share my fall sessions with you and ALL of this year’s weddings but today, right now, you’re getting this one simple painting of Viv and our kitten Granite, her new BFF. Because I love it so much. And I’m probably going to spend the day rocking in her chair with them and cleaning her bedding because ya know, barf. But that’s okay. The red personality in me is frustrated I have to live life slowly these days but I know it’s good for me. There are a million work things I want to do and they’re just going to have to wait. They aren’t essential (except the ones that are… but those I get done super fast and in my clients homes where they should be). But what matters most? That’s always the questions isn’t it…

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